Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Knitterly Confession

Although I have made three Wonderful Wallabies, a dozen Cable Raglan Cardigans, the Boogie Vest, ten or so baby blankets, and tons of hats and scarves, I have never blocked a thing. Well, I did use my iron on a steam setting to lightly "block" the baby cardigans, but that's it. There we go. My confession. Does this mean I'm not a "real" knitter?

My two on-the-needles WIP


sophanne said...

In the list of things that you've done, I'd have to say that the fact that you've been able to give knitting as gifts without worry that it will fall apart makes you as real as it gets.

I'm starting to realize there's no such thing as "there" when it comes to knitting. The process keeps spiraling and I won't live long enough to get "there" because there will always be something new to figure out.

Yarnhog said...

If you're making fabric with two pointy sticks and string, you're a real knitter. It's bloody magic.