Sunday, May 31, 2009

300th post!

I still can't believe it. This is my 300th post on my blog. Crazy!

79 posts in 2007 + 118 posts in 2008 + 99 posts in 2009 = 296? I must have started a few that I never posted. Oh well. I'm still counting this one as my 300th. Woo hoo!

So what have I been blogging about for now 300 posts? Let's see the Label stats:
life = 23 posts
me = 47 posts

little man (J) = 104 posts
little man 2 (N) = 61 posts
motherhood = 26 posts

dogs = 35 posts
husband = 10 posts

family = 37 posts
friends = 12 posts

knitting = 88 posts
WIP = 26 posts
finished = 43 posts

Top Ten Tuesday = 31 posts
Movie Monday = 17 posts
Free Pattern Friday = 5 posts

And here are a few things I'd like to blog about in the future (in no particular order):
funny things my children say (like "gotfor" instead of "forgot")
funny things my children do
funny things my dogs do
funny things my nephews and nieces do
sweet things my husband does (hint, hint)
sweet things my children do
the sweater I am one day going to knit Brian
the lovely cabled sweater I am one day going to knit myself
more of my own knit designs
more knit toys
more knits for my boys
more knitting
lots and lots of knitting
and a little sewing (I see more loveys in my future)
and maybe a little crocheting (those potholders are calling my name)
great friends
great times
lots of firsts for my boys
like kindergarten and soccer games and school dances and dates and love--oh my!
the good, the bad and the ugly (because I know there can't just be good)
my lovely sparkling clean house (one can always dream)
the yummy meals that I cooked (more dreams)
my 10th wedding anniversary
my 25th wedding anniversary
my 50th wedding anniversary
my cousin Christie's 25th wedding anniversary (and hopefully her 50th)
the weddings of my boys, my nephews and nieces
the birth of my grandchildren
the funny tales of puppies present and future
the first knitting done by one (or both) of my boys
the accomplishments of my boys (the little and the big)
my accomplishments (little and big)
my new job that I love (someday I imagine I'll have one again--what will it be?)
ways I am making the world a better place
ways my friends (in "real life" and on blogs) are making the world a better place
moving closer to our family
always being close to my boys no matter where we end up in life
the ways I love my husband more and more every day
the ways I feel so blessed every day
love and laughter
pain and sorrow


Carol said...

Yay Haley! Congratulations!!!

kimk said...

300! Wow. Now if I can just get started on my second I will only be 298 behind you.