Monday, May 11, 2009

Ribbit Ribbit

Here's another little lovey doll I made.

This one is for a friend who just had her second little boy. He's also the recipient of the pinwheel blanket. Anyway, I found out she was doing his room in a frog theme so I decided to make him a little frog lovey. The green side is a REALLY soft furry kind of fabric, kind of like the dotted moxie, but softer. The back side is a fun little animal print I had bought a while back that is also really soft. Since one of the animals is a frog, I decided it would make the perfect backing for my frog lovey. I'm not great at embroidering the faces, but I still think this little guy turned out pretty cute. I hope little Baker will love it!


Kate said...

The froggie is too cute! And little ones always love those soft, floppy toys.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

How adorable! Too cute. I also wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

Cat said...

really darn cute!