Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lots of Knitting in the Works

I'm back into a knitting frenzy. My "I want to knit" list was getting pretty short and then I suddenly found a bunch of new projects and now I'm back to my usual "I-want-to-knit-more-than-I-will-ever-have-time-for" state. Oh well.

Here's a quick list of current and future projects.

1) Ike-a-saurus (#2 of 3): body finished, need to do legs, scales, spikes and face.

2) Cocoon for a friend to use as a photography prop: Finished!

3) Baby hat #1 (Vine lace hat) for same friend: begun.

4) Baby hat #2 (boy hat--maybe this one): on the brain still.

5) Petal halter for me: swatched--gauge is not perfect so must ponder next steps.

6) Textured Circle Shrug (for Cat)--just ordered yarn (Cotton-Ease in Sand). Join the knitalong here. It's my first official knitalong and I'm pretty excited.

7) This cute little dress (#13905) from a Dalegarn book. This book has tons of cute patterns, but they are all worked on size O, 1, 2 and 3 needles and I am afraid they will take forever--so I've never used the book. But I have a ton of white and pink yarn that would be perfect for these patterns and I found this dress pattern that is SO adorable. So I'm going to make one or two. I'm either doing one smaller one for my newest niece who is due to arrive this Friday or two larger ones for my brother's two 20 month-olds. Probably the first option because of time constraints, but we will see.

Isn't that just the sweetest dress?

That's the knitting news for now. Off to knit a little before bed. Have a good one!

Edited on 5/11/09.

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Cat said...

1) so glad to see you chose the petal halter though sorry to see it hasn't gotten any further.

2) who needs a knit cocoon?

3) love the knit dress. Shelley loved the one you had made Lizzie so if you do this one for Isla than maybe you could make a few of the quicker ones for M and M. Just a thought!