Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, N!

My baby's not a baby anymore. N turns 1 year today. I still can't believe he's that old already.

He's such a wonderful little guy. Everyone is always commenting on how happy he is. He laughs all the time. I call him "My Sunshine." I love being out with N and watching people smile when they see him. He just has that effect on people. It makes me happy. He makes me happy.

N is a total "no fears" kind of guy. He just crawls and climbs and walks and goes wherever he can. He has no fear of falling or getting too far away. It's a little scary at times, but exciting too to see him being so adventurous.

N loves the playground (climbs up the "rock wall," the stairs and the slide.) He also loves the splashpad and the pool. No fear there either so we have to keep a close eye on him. Our pool has a ledge that is about 6" underwater. N loves to crawl around on it.

N is now a "walker." He walks more than he crawls and easily walks across rooms and all over the house and yard. He's look more confident now and less like a creature from Shaun of the Dead.

N continues to be a good eater. He's done with nursing and formula and bottles and just drinks milk from a sippy cup. N is also finished with baby food and does great with most "real" foods. He loves lunchmeat (especially turkey and ham), peas, banana, pear, cheese, mac n' cheese, grilled cheese and cereal. I can't wait to see what he does with his cake tonight.

N is still a little peanut and I love that about him. He reminds me more of me in that way than J did. He is also still pretty bald looking. He actually has a good amount of hair, but it is so fine and so blond that it is hard to see. It seems to be getting a little thicker so I imagine he'll have more hair one of these days.

I feel so blessed to have my N in my life. Happy Birthday, N!


Carol said...

Happy First Birthday Norm,
I love that last photo!

Anonymous said...

I love how in the swing photo, your skinny minny actually looks like he has chunky legs... hope he devoured the cake and can't wait to see pictures of that as well... maybe he'll even convinve big brother to try it as well... lots of love, Aunt Cat

stacey said...

oh I love his little front teeth! What a cute smile! Hard to believe mine will be one in just a few months!