Friday, May 8, 2009

Mr. Complement

J is really into giving complements right now. It's really cute. Anyway, he started off complementing B and me: "Mommy, I like your shirt." "Daddy, I like your new toothbrush."

Then last week, J told me, "Mommy, I like Madeline's shirt." Madeline is a girl in J's class. I asked him if he had told Madeline that he liked her shirt and he said that he did, but that she didn't say anything. We talked about how she probably didn't know what to say, but the polite thing to say after someone gives you a complement is "thank you."

So then he got into giving and receiving complements so he could say thank you.
"Mommy, I like your shirt."
"Thank you, J. I like your shirt too."
"Thank you, Mommy. I like your table and chairs."
"My table and chairs? Thanks, J."

Anyway, yesterday I was in the kitchen cleaning up and I heard J say to our dog Zoe, "Zoe, I like your fur." Unfortunately, Zoe doesn't know how to say thank you.


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