Thursday, May 7, 2009

Unfortunately, Haley...

1. Unfortunately Haley and I get separated, and I have to watch her death at the hands of monsters.

2. Unfortunately Haley was voted off of American Idol but please continue to support her and any ...

3. Unfortunately, Haley's story is not unique.

4. Unfortunately, Haley is not able to be a part of our breeding program.

5. Unfortunately, Haley threw an absolute fit when she saw him and could not stop shaking or crying in my arms.

6. Unfortunately, Haley doesn't have Parcells track record.

7. Unfortunately, Haley is not around to share the applause.

8. Unfortunately, Haley is severely affected, having the above-mentioned symptoms accompanied with mental retardation and developmental delays.

9. There are rather expensive swinging gate child gates that are for the top of stairs and such, but they aren't well made and unfortunately Haley being rather...

10. Unfortunately, Haley obviously fictionalizes the African life.

Becky (otherwise known as Sophanne) did this and I couldn't resist trying it myself. You google "Unfortunately, " and your name. Those were my first ten results. Here are three more that I thought were pretty funny.

Unfortunately, Haley does not ship one with Authority!

Unfortunately Haley wasn't the image of a rock star.

Unfortunately, Haley committed a serious crime and took photos while we were eating.


Erin said...


Nicole B. said...


here are mine:

Unfortunately, Nicole never considered the fact that she could get pregnant while doing alcohol and drugs while having unprotected sex. ...

Thin is beautiful, and unfortunately, Nicole has gone over the edge.

Unfortunately, Nicole was having a wardrobe malfunction.

But unfortunately, Nicole lost to that fugly Serena. ...

Unfortunately, Nicole seems to have an incredible memory, or maybe because she's just hungry for gossip.

Lydee said...

LOLOL! i needed that! good laugh!

Anonymous said...

yes, unfortunately, Haley is odd, very odd.... and unfortunately Haley has this evil twin :)