Friday, April 17, 2009

11 Months: Always Moving, Mainly Baldy, but Loves Hair, Still a Smiley Peanut

N turns 11 months today. I can't believe my littlest man is 11 months already!

N's so much fun these days and is growing up so quickly. He's constantly on the move. N loves to be active and is a huge fan of the play place at the mall. He crawls so quickly that it's a little scary. You blink and he's at the other side of the house. He's also doing a lot of walking with improvised walkers like the grocery cart and J's tricycle. And this week, N has started taking 2 or 3 steps completely on his own. It's very cool! He seems totally unaware that he is doing anything exciting. He's also learning to climb shorter stairs like the ones at the playground.

N is drinking from a sippy cup on his own now and this week has even started drinking some milk (instead of formula or breastmilk) and he seems to like it. We are still nursing 3 times a day. Part of me is ready to give it up, but I know when I do I will miss the snuggle time as N rarely slows down long enough to cuddle.

N continues to be a big fan of finger foods--especially hamburger, ham, chicken nuggets, American cheese, Nilla wafers and cheerios.

N is slowly but surely gaining weight although he's still on the small side and definitely still my peanut. He's still looking like a baldy although the hair on the back of his head is thickening up and often sticks out in an adorable way. Unfortunately, even though he doesn't have much of his own, N is captivated with hair and loves to grab handfuls of other people's hair. This does not make him very popular with other little ones. We're working on it. Even J can often be heard saying, "No hair, N. No hair!"

N's favorite toys right now are the ones he can walk with or stand at--the grocery cart, J's trikes, the play kitchen. He also likes his gumball machine toy and the farm animal puzzle that makes sounds. N has also gotten into the touch and feel books. Now whenever I read him a book, he runs his pointer finger along the pages to see if there are any fun textures. It's pretty adorable.

N continues to smile a lot and is generally a very sociable little guy. His favorite "people" are J and Pepper. N is very ticklish and J knows just where to tickle his neck to make him laugh hysterically. He's starting to get a little stranger anxiety and is more likely to cry when I walk away, but is generally easily soothed. He fights his morning nap occasionally, but is generally a good napper.

And now you know more than you probably ever wanted to know about my precious little N. Since I don't have a baby book for N, I'm trying to record as much as possible here so I can share it with N when he gets older.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Nicole B. said...

aww....what a sweet dude! can't believe he's already 11 months!!

Cat said...

it is never tooo late ot write things down in a baby book!