Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh Yeah, and I Knit Too

I finished putting the buttons on Oscar's sweater. I did end up redoing the button band to make tighter button holes. More details on the sweater here. I followed the pattern for a size 2, but it seems a little on the short side. Oscar's a little on the short side so hopefully that will be okay.

I'm getting closer to finishing my pinwheel blanket, but I ran out of blue yarn so it's on hold momentarily. I'm doing it on circular needles and it looks like a giant beret.

So I had to be silly and try it on for B. He thought it was very Rastafarian.

While I'm waiting for a chance to run back to the knit shop for the blanket yarn, I started on my second Ike-a-saurus for Ike's older brother.

That's all the news for now. Happy Knitting, everyone!

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