Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Little Bit Stubbon, A Little Bit Adorable

Or maybe a LOT stubborn and a LOT adorable. Had to share two quick J stories before I forgot them.

First, we had a rainy, stormy morning on Friday. It was actually really nice. Both boys slept in. We didn't go anywhere or try to do anything. I let J stay in his pajamas until noon. It was wonderful. Anyway, during N's morning naptime, there was a lot of thunder. J asked me what the noise was and I told him it was thunder. He said that he didn't like thunder (which is not surprising, he doesn't like loud noises). I told him that I liked it and that I thought it sounded cool (because I am so eloquent and well-spoken). He then told me he thought the thunder sounded "happy." Love him!

J has entered the age where he is dreaming more and often remembers his dreams. B likes to ask him about his dreams. This morning B asked J what he dreamed about last night. J replied that he dreamed about "jelly beans, Christmas trees, and bunnies." He went on to explain his dream something about the Christmas trees being knocked down and having to take the jelly beans to Joe's house. I forget how the bunnies worked into the dream. Watching him explain his dream to his dad was so adorable!

And for a little bit of bonus adorable, here are a few pics of J and Pepper hanging out in her crate this morning.

Hope you all have a little "adorable" in your life today!


Nicole B. said...

very very cute! i try hard to remember cute stories like this when will is driving me crazy :) oh laurie leaves tomorrow and i'm hosting co-op tuesday, so i'm thinking i'll call wed or thurs. miss talking!

Lydee said...

sounds like a holiday dream, christmas and easter all mixed together :-)

Yarnhog said...

There's nothing I love better than kids with dogs. Our Molly was not even a year old when our first baby was born, and she raised both of our boys. When they were tiny, if I left them, I would come back to find her curled around the baby, looking at me reproachfully. She endured countless tiny fingers in her eyes, nose, and mouth, and never responded except to lick the little hands. She even taught both boys to walk by letting them hold onto her fur as they toddled along. (And, in a more disgusting turn of events, she shared her rawhide bones with my younger son.) She died last year (at eleven and a half) while on vacation with us in Lake Tahoe, only hours after spending the day playing in the snow with the boys. I can't imagine a better friend and companion for kids than a dog like that.