Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More J-isms

If we go to the grocery store on Saturday morning, a local fire engine is usually there and the firemen are inside shopping. So J always asks where the fire truck is when we go to the grocery store. If it is not there, we tell him the truck is at the fire station. Today is trash day. J and I were talking about the garbage truck. It often comes early in the morning so I told J to listen and he might hear it. Apparently, the truck was running late this morning and it hadn't come when we left for school. On the way to school, J asked me where the garbage truck was and I told him I didn't know. He told me, "Maybe it's at the garbage station."

Then we saw some men working on the side of the road. They both had shovels and one man was digging. J asked me a question from the back seat. I thought he asked, "What are they digging?" but it might have been "What are they doing?" Anyway, I answered, "I don't know what they are digging." J then answered me in his most "duh" tone, "A hole, Mommy. A hole."

This little guy is priceless!

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