Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Fort Worth Zoo: A Story in Photos

Today we took our first trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. We went with some friends from our neighborhood to enjoy half price Wednesday. It was pretty busy, but a lot of fun. Here are some of my favorite pics.

I loved this orangutan. He seemed older and deep in thought. The orangutans were always one of my favorites at the Cleveland Zoo.

The rhinos were really close and very big. I think this might have been the first time that I had seen a rhino up close and it was cool.

The cheetah (sponsored by Cheetos--seriously!).

Look how sweet little Bennett looks. He was fighting sleep most of the morning.

I think Zebra stripes are so cool, but I am always surprised by how short and stubby they seem in comparison to the horses we see almost daily around here.

I forget what these were, but I had to take a picture in honor of my friend Julie and the hunting trophies she just inherited and hung in her house.

Checking out the penguins. They were being fed which was cool to watch.

N loved this pig in the children's play barn. He liked to pet the hide and push the button to make it oink. When he first discovered the button (thanks to J), he kept pushing it over and over and laughing with joy.

J and Kaden outside the barn.

They were totally taken by this little display of turtles in the Texas section. I think they could have hung out here for hours if we let them.

N was not so impressed. Cat--doesn't this remind you of the picture of Michael eating mac n' cheese?

A squirrel. Yes, you pretty much have to go to the zoo to see one of these around here.

J and N.

I've always loved elephants and this guy was nice and close and I just couldn't resist his sweet face.

Happy hump day, everyone!


Cat said...

the comment about the squirrel made me a bit sad, looks like fun though... love ya, and yes N's face reminds me more of Michael's than J's did at that age...

Nicole B. said...

looks like fun! how far of a drive was it for you guys?