Monday, April 20, 2009

We Got to Play Last Night!

J finally ate one bite of everything on his plate for the first night since we instated the "One Bite Rule." Our "new" food for the night (we're trying to put one new food on his plate each night) was homemade home fries (sliced potatoes fried in a pan). This was a little bit of a wimping out on our part as we did get J to try these once before. Anyway, he didn't want to eat any, but he finally did eat one. So for the first night in four nights, we got to play after dinner instead of going straight to bed. We went to the playground. We had a blast! I hope the trend continues tonight. We are hoping that a successful night with good consequences will help J realize what good comes from following the One Bite Rule. We will see how tonight goes. On a positive note, J is eating more of his other food now that this rule is in place. Often, once he takes the one bite, he remembers he likes that food and eats more of it.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Yarnhog said...

Good for you! (I had to force both my nine- and eleven-year-old boys to try grilled tomatoes last night. There were many histrionics. Sometimes they seem so grown up, and other times...)

Nicole B. said...

for me at least, once i'm about to give up, will finally does whatever it is that is causing the power struggle. so yes, crossing fingers it continues!

Jadielady said...

Great news!! I hope it keeps up! Even if he finds he doesn't like a lot of it, he'll at least find a few new things that he does like, and will hopefully be more willing to try new things.