Wednesday, April 22, 2009

While You Were Working...

Our neighborhood pool opened this weekend, but the weather was too cool and rainy to enjoy it. But today was in the 80s and sunny so the boys and I met some friends up at the splashpad. We weren't quite ready to dive into the pool yet, but the splashpad was perfect!

At first the boys weren't ready to get wet, they just watched their friend Kaden.

But then J joined in the fun.

And then N got tired of watching and crawled on in. He LOVED it!
They both had so much fun!
It was a really fun time. Can't wait to do it again soon. So, in case you were wondering, this is what I did while you were working today. Being a full-time mom is the best!


Nicole B. said...

yeah! we are heading to the pool this weekend - i think spring is officially over!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! The picturees are very cute. Norm is really getting big and getting around everywhere. I can not believe John went to bed so early instead of eating rice.Does he have a texture issue with foods? Liam has a major texture issue besides the fact he doesn't know how to chew. I hope things get better with him and new foods. Love you! Christie

Anonymous said...

can't wait to try this out! see I told you I hadn't read your blog in a while, this one is from April! -Cat