Monday, August 17, 2009

Better Be the Best D@mn Book Ever!

Today I spent $33 on a book. I have NEVER spent that much money on a book. (Well, I guess I've spent more than that on textbooks...but that's beside the point.) Besides knitting books and a few children's books, I haven't bought any books in about 3 years because I've just checked books out of the library. Today I spent $33 on a novel. Highway robbery is what I call it. Sometime in the last month I checked out a novel from the library. I ended up not reading it because the description didn't end up appealing to me once I got home. It includes a missing 10 year-old and a family in crisis. I decided it might be too depressing and I was ready for a light read. So I returned it without ever reading it. Today I went to the library with the boys. We had a bag full of books and movies to checkout, but when we went to do the wouldn't work. So we went to the front desk to find out why and found out the novel mentioned above had water damage. We were being blamed. And we had to pay to replace the book. As there was no way to prove that I had not damaged the book and I would like to keep going to this library and I am not a person to cause ugly confrontations, I paid. So $33 later ($25 for the book plus $5 replacement fee plus $3 ATM fee because they only take cash or check and I had neither), I now own a water-damaged novel that I have no interest in reading. At that price, it better be the best d@mn book EVER!


Nicole B. said...

geez, how annoying! i have bought books for my dad and eric in recent years and i am always shocked that a new hardback costs that much since i never buy anything like that for myself. but they are hard to shop for, so.....i hate stuff like this happening b/c i really work to clip coupons and save like $1 on items and then i feel like the savings are erased!

Yarnhog said...

That happened to me, too! I had dropped it in the book depository, and I'm convinced there must have been water in the bin (maybe someone thought it was a trash can, or that it would be funny to pour water in). I paid, too.

Vicki said...

The one I own is $25 because Sara nawed on the binding of it, which you could hardly tell the teeth indentations! I figure it makes up for all the times I am late returning books and have never been charged.