Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ohio Trip: Part Two, Friends and Family

Lots of our time in Ohio were spent with friends and family. We didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see, but we got in some good visits.

On Wednesday, we got invited to a playdate at Leslie's house which was so much fun. I got to see 7 of my good "mom friends," J got to see 6 of his friends and N got to meet 6 new friends (the younger siblings of J's friends). It was just wonderful to reconnect with these great friends.

Lillian: the newest member of the group.

It was also Jack's 3rd birthday so we had cupcakes. Here my boys watch Leslie light Jack's candle while everyone prepares to sing "Happy Birthday."

J really enjoyed licking the icing off his cupcake.

Wednesday night various members of B's family came by for pizza. It was a fun night and both boys loved hanging out with their cousins.

My boys with their two second cousins, Lauren and Maddie, from B's dad's side of the family.

N with Will, his second cousin from B's mom's side of the family. Will is 4 months younger than N but about 5 lbs heavier. N is such a little peanut!

J with Joshua and Jacob, the two other second cousins from B's mom's side of the family. Yes, the first three of their generation were all boys with J names.

On Friday, we got together with our former nextdoor neighbor, Marlisa, and her son Will. It was so wonderful to see her. B and I still talk all the time about how much we miss our former neighbors Marlisa and Tim. We met them at a local park by Lake Erie and the boys had a blast!

All three boys enjoyed chasing Grandpa.

Grandpa and N down on the beach.

J and N looking for rocks in the sand.

The whole crew, including two of Marlisa's sisters and a friend, hanging out on the beach. Grandpa helped build a castle which the boys were very excited about.

Seeing friends was definitely a highlight of this trip for me. I even got to go out with some good friends on Thursday night while B's parents put the boys to bed for me. I had such a blast. Thanks, Erica, Leslie, Audra, Sara, Melanie and Cassie!

We can't wait to come back and see everyone again at Christmas!


sophanne said...

J looks so daggone BIG!

Kim said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog. You have a lovely blog...wish I knew how to knit:-)

Lydee said...

love these pics! it looks like you all had so much fun in ohio!