Monday, August 17, 2009

In Danger, Need Help

I first discovered Rebecca Danger and her adorable knit patterns at Easter when I knit her first free pattern, The Bunny Nugget. Ever since I have been contemplating buying one of her adorable knit softie patterns, but had managed to resist. Until now. Rebecca's newest pattern is this adorable mommy and baby monster pair. All photos property of Rebecca Danger. Used with her permission.

I just can't resist Daphne and Delilah. Don't you just love the pocket! Both of them are so adorable! So I went to Rebecca's etsy shop all set to buy Daphne and Delilah when I noticed Rebecca's 5 Pattern Deal. Well, there were so many adorable patterns that I decided I really should go for the deal. She also has a 6 Monster Deal and an All 12 Patterns Deal, but I'm going to try to limit myself to 5. Try being the key word. The problem is...I can't decide which patterns to buy.

I think I've decided on 4 of the 5:
Daphne and Delilah:

Penelope the Empathetic Monster

Frances the Charismatic Monster:

Robbie the Radiant Robot:

I can't decide on the 5th one. I like the inherent flexibility in color choices for the monsters. Really, you can use any yarn in your stash and they will look cute. But I also like the idea of getting a larger variety by choosing a non-monster. Here are some of my current front runners for my 5th pattern:

Albert the Absent-Minded Monster:

Maddox the Mischievous Monster

Wasabi the Gregarious Pug

Then there are also these little cuties:
Tofu the Gentle Dachshund:

Olivia the Audacious Monster:

Chester the Bashful Bunny:

Herman the Enigmatic Bear:

Beatrice and Bernard the Inseparable Bunny and Bear
:I know the choices are overwhelming. I just can't decide. I need your help! Please, knitters and non-knitters, can you please leave a comment and let me know which pattern(s) are your favorites. I want to buy them as soon as possible because they are SO adorable and they must be knit soon. And make sure you check out Rebecca's blog and etsy shop.

Happy Monday, everyone! Thanks for your help.

All photos property of Rebecca Danger. Used with her permission.


kimk said...

Okay...I will have to say that the robots are my absolute fave with Penelope coming in a close second. Amongst your choices for the fifth pattern, I like Tofu the Gentle Dachshund. They are all really cute though!

Anonymous said...

too cute! may have to make one for my latest niece or nephew... let me know when you order them! love ya, Cat

bodoba said...

I'm a sucker for the dacshund but they're all really adorable!

Kate said...

I love the first four you picked (the robots are great!) - I just love the dog patterns, too. Pug and Dachshund would be my top choices. (took me about 4 tries to spell 'Dachshund' correctly LOL!)

trumpet girl said...

Love the Dachshund and the Pug. I cannnot wait to see the finished products!