Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun With My Boys: Story in Photos

One of J and N's favorite new games: the pillow pile or "nest:"

At Safety Town:

Sidewalk chalk is so much more fun with a bucket of water:

J "I'm painting the roof!":

N thinks he's so big on J's motorcycle:

J and B planted these marigolds:

Sidewalk chalk, water and stamps. Too cool!:

And paintbrushes too!:

Happy August, everyone!


Nicole B. said...

looks like fun! miss you guys!

bodoba said...

Awww they had so much fun! Sounds like a great day outside.

Kate said...

My boys love sidewalk chalk and water too! We just got some of the sidewalk chalk paint stuff, and while it was fun, I think they really prefer just regular chalk and water.