Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Fun Week Captured in Photos

One of our latest adventures: "tents." It all began when I washed my bedspread...

Smiley N on our back patio

J rediscovered this toy when I pulled it out for N.

We hosted a painting playdate. We painted with cars, snakes and frogs (and bouncy balls and fishing worms on a string--not pictured).

N fingerpainted for the first time.

We painted with bubbles. J loved blowing them, but not putting them on paper.

I finally let J mix sand with the water in N's water table...
and quickly realized why I had not done this before. There are no more pictures as I was too busy getting wet sand out of N's eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Good times!

Look how sweet and innocent Mr. Trouble looks.

And another fort/tent night. This one became our airplane and Pilot J and Assistant Pilot N flew us to see Daddy.

Hope everyone's having a fun week!


Yarnhog said...

I love that sand and water picture! My son wanted one of those in the worst way when he was little, but never got one. For just that reason. But I took him to the beach a lot. ;)

Lydee said...

cute and i love the paint bubbles!