Sunday, August 30, 2009


My progress on my Slanting Gretel Tee continues.

I'm moving a little faster now. I'm making mine a little longer so I'm moving the decreases some. This caused some slow down as I pondered wear to place them. I think I've got them straight now. We will see.

My progress will be slowed again soon as I have another project that I'm squeezing in. It's a surprise as it's a gift for someone who reads this blogs. However, my knitterly friends can see a sneak peak of some LOVELY yarn on Ravelry.

Today B and I took the boys to a local park. We had a blast. There is a splashpad there and, even though they weren't dressed for it, we let the boys get a little wet. The boys were intrigued by this part of the splashpad:

Neither of them actually went under it, but they loved watching it. It was pretty adorable.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Nicole B. said...

wasn't it nice not to completely MELT today?!?!

bodoba said...

Awww they look so cute! Sounds like lots of fun. I don't think mine would venture under either.