Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knitterly Advice Needed

I finished Version 1 of my straps for the Petal Halter. I chose to pick up eleven stitches for each strap and then did the strap with 3 stitches of garter stitch, 5 stitches of stockinette, and then another 3 stitches of garter stitch. I like the width and the placement is generally good.

There is just one problem.

See that little bit of white? That's my bra peeking out. I am doing straps vs. halter so I can wear a normal bra underneath the shirt. So bra peekage will not do. I have two young boys. I don't have time to worry about bras peeking out.

My original thought was to pick up stitches along the top edge of the shirt and do some ribbing or garter stitch to make it a more "finished" edge. This would also raise up the line a bit and probably cover the bra peekage. However, now that I have the straps on, I kind of like it with just the stockinette edge. I'm also afraid that adding any kind of finishing edge will make the armpits too tight or high.

I'm thinking that I will undo the straps :( and redo them--picking up additional stitches so that the straps are thicker at first and then decreased back to this width. I would keep the line at the armpit side of the strap straight, but the inside line of the strap would start wider and then decrease back to this eleven stitch width. It's hard to explain. In my head, that would take care of the bra peekage.

Anyway, before I do anything else I thought I would stick this out to the knitterly world. Any suggestions?


JulieFrick said...

Hmmm. Well, without knowing how much stretch you're getting or how much actual peekage you's hard to tell which solution to go with. Though one other idea would be a chain stitch (crochet) around the top and then a couple of extra chains in the corners where the tank meets the strap. I really love it though- so cute and feminine. Have you tried other bras? Maybe the solution is a spaghetti-strap cami instead of changing the top.

Anonymous said...

really pretty! I totally understood what you were saying and it makes sense to me (of course, I am your twin and thus think the way you do :)...) love ya and love the top! so glad you finally did something for yourself!

Yarnhog said...

I think your idea is probably the best approach. Making the straps wider at the bottom and gradually decreasing would give the top a shape that more closely follows the bra line, without adding height at the underarms. It does mean re-knitting, but you like knitting, right? ;)

Kate said...

I think the idea of making the straps wider at the bottom is probably best - but, you could always get a pretty spaghetti strap cami (maybe one with a little lace on top) to wear underneath. Since I hate to re-knit anything, that would probably be my solution :)