Monday, October 26, 2009

The Good and The Bad: More Knitting Adventures

Last night I finished the right front of my sweater. As I mentioned in my last post, the left front took me FOREVER because I was having so much trouble decreasing in pattern. The right front went much more smoothly. No ripping. No frustration. It just seemed to make sense what to do and all went well. In fact, here it is:Isn't it lovely? Look at that nice line along the neckline (the right side of the picture). Just a lovely even slant. Just the way it was supposed to turn out.

Now let's look back at the left side:
See how the decreases for the neckline (on the left side of the picture) aren't done right? See how that inside line is wavy? It goes in, but then goes back out a little, then dips back in. Yeah, that? That's NOT how it's supposed to look. I was just having issues when I did this. I didn't do things right at all. Major "blond" moment here. I totally forgot about only doing a partial pattern repeat at the edges of the sweater instead of a whole pattern repeat. It threw everything off. So...I'll be ripping this side back out tonight. I think it should be pretty quick to reknit now that I have my brain on straight again. Oh well. Third times the charm, right? Maybe fourth time? Oh well. I'd rather do it again and do it right or it will bug me every time I wear the sweater.

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope yours is going well.


Kat said...

Not a "blond moment" at all, dear. That's some crazy challenging knitting there, and I'm darn impressed by how pretty the right side looks. Pat yourself on the back (i.e. pour yourself a glass of wine).

Nicole B. said...

um, i can't notice anything wrong with the other side :)