Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trip to Portland: Part 3, The Airplay Cafe

On Monday (our third day of our trip to Portland), Kristin and Chris took us to the Airplay Cafe. This is a fun coffee house place that has live music (geared towards children in the mornings). They have toys and books and the children go right up on the stage. We were there for Jam with Josh. He was very entertaining and the children seemed to enjoy his show. Of our three, J definitely seemed to be the most into the music. He shocked me by immediately jumping into first "The Silly Dance Song" by doing a silly dance and then "The Wheels on the Bus" singing along and doing the arm motions. J also suggested "bear" when asked for animal suggestions for a rendition of "Old MacDonald." He even told Josh that they roar. However, when Josh sang "and on his farm he had a bear" J told him that bears don't live on the farm, they live at the zoo. When Josh asked for more animal suggestions, J immediately suggested "polar bear" so Josh sang a polar bear verse "with a Roar brrr here and a Roar brrr there." It was all pretty fun. J kept asking him to sing "The Chicken Dance." Unfortunately, Josh didn't know that one. I was really shocked by how outgoing J was being. He was having a blast!

All three boys had fun getting on stage and playing with toys while Josh performed.

N decided to audition as backup drummer.

J took this lovely photo of me.

And this great self-portrait of himself.

Isla was having fun too.

Our sleeping beauty.

Afterward, we went to a delicious frozen yogurt place YoCream. It was delicious! It's self-serve and you can mix as many flavors of frozen yogurt as you want (some flavors included chocolate, peanut butter, original tart and boysenberry). You then get to add as many toppings as you want (including berries, cereal, M&Ms, cookie and candy pieces, chocolate chips, brownie pieces, etc.). I got chocolate and peanut butter yogurt with mini chocolate chips. It was very good. They charge by weight so you can get as little or as much as you want without wasting money. This was especially nice since we were feeding our children frozen yogurt at lunchtime!

Almost done posting about our trip. One more post of photos and fun to come!


bodoba said...

awww the little ones looked like they had fun!

nxpana said...

sounds like J just had a blast! i know what you mean about enjoying seeing your kids having so much fun.

ArtSparker said...

You should visit guerrilla knitter Grrl+ dog