Sunday, October 25, 2009

Still Not Halloween...But We're Having Fun!

Yesterday we went to our neighborhood Fall Festival. It was amazing! The boys had so much fun! They wore their costumes and had fun trick-or-treating amongst the different sponsor booths. The petting zoo was a favorite for both boys. We also rode a train, played carnival games and both boys jumped in a bounce house for the first time--yes, J finally went in WITHOUT me! Unfortunately, my camera battery died right before we went on the train so I don't have any pictures of the bounce house or carnival games.

N actually wore his hat! I was so excited I took pics in the parking lot:
My two cuties (watching a plane):

At the petting zoo. N enjoyed the view from the outside first:

J had to jump right in--although he wasn't so sure about that goose:

Petting the rabbits:

Trying to feed the piglets:

When N came in the enclosure, he was so excited. He kept running from animal to animal. I think he liked the goats best:

Watching B feed the llama:

The train we rode:

And then my camera battery died...

But I put in my spare this morning to take this picture of N and his crazy bedhead. It may be haircut time soon!


Kate said...

Adorable costumes! You're lucky to live down south where you don't have to prepare to be frozen on Halloween (I plan for long underwear or other winter gear to fit under the boys' costumes)

We went to our first Halloween party of the season last night - the kids had a blast! I always love it when they get to wear their costumes more than once.

Nicole B. said...

looks like a ton of fun! that gnome hat is TOO funny.

bodoba said...

awww looks like they had loads of fun!f

rackersfamily said...

i love n's costume... that is the cutest thing i think i have ever seen. aw... we miss the cr fall festival... so fun !