Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Little Man is Growing Up

Not to state the obvious, but my little boys are growing up. I know it's inevitable. I know that every day they get older and bigger. But sometimes I forget.

J right now seems to be reminding me that he's growing up on a daily basis. Here are just two of those reminders:

These are J's most recent sidewalk chalk drawings. They are the first ones that really look like drawings vs. scribbles. The first one (the green one) is a dog. Notice the face with eyes, nose and mouth. The two arms, body and even a tail. The second one (the yellow one) is another animal with eyes, nose, mouth and arms (complete with stripes) and a "really long body." In fact the body is so long that the rest of it is under the grill. J thought it was REALLY funny to go under the grill to finish the drawing.

J also had Show and Tell for the first time today.

He decided to take two of his Matchbox fire engines. He was really excited. For some reason, this just makes him seem so grown up to me. Anyway, I guess when Show and Tell time came all he would say in front of his class was "trucks." Oh well. It's a start.

So, yes, it's true. I have not managed to stop time. My Little Man is growing up.


Carol said...

Awesome drawing! :)

Lydee said...

awww, he's getting so big!