Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Portland Trip: Part 2, Fun at the Park and More Fun at the House

On Sunday (the second day of our trip to Portland), we spent the morning at a fun park. It was chilly, but everyone had a blast playing on the playground. We spent the afternoon at home where the boys had lots of fun hanging out and playing together. I also got some cute photos of little Isla.

J and N both loved the old school seesaws. Here's N trying to figure out how to make it go up and down by himself.
The swings were also very popular. J loved swinging next to Oscar.

Next stop, the merry-go-round, or as Oscar calls it "the wheel." J just loved spinning around, but poor Oscar looked a little green when we stopped it.

Isla enjoyed a little Baby Bjorn time--all wrapped up against the chilly wind.

Oscar LOVED this giant slide.

Everyone loved running on this bridge. J and Oscar.N and J.

Back home, I had fun taking these pictures of Isla. She is almost 5 months old and such a cutie. I was so impressed with how alert she is. She was so attentive to everything going on around her. She loves tummy time and rolling over.
And if you look closely, she's surrounded by handknit goodies. Daphne and Delilah and the Monster Chunks.

The boys enjoyed playing on Oscar's little backyard playground. I just love seeing the three of them together.

More fun an d photos to come!

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Lydee said...

love the pics! looks like you all are having fun!