Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trip to Portland: Part 4, Fun with Isla and Danger Crafts

This is my fourth and final Portland visit post, I promise.

When we weren't out and about seeing the kid-friendly sites of Portland, we were having fun at the house. I just can't say enough how much I LOVED seeing my boys having so much fun with Oscar and Isla.

My boys were just SO captivated with Isla. They loved to make her smile. N kept giving her kisses (which I'm not sure if she liked or not). J kept singing to her (usually "The Wheels on the Bus" but sometimes songs he made up) and playing peekaboo. Several times J had Isla laughing outloud at him. It was really adorable.

Here are a few bonus picks of sweet Isla.

J playing peekaboo with Isla.

N caught in the act of giving Isla a kiss.

J entertaining Isla some more.
Look at these adorable smiles!

As you know, I knit two of Rebecca Danger's patterns before my trip. The first, Daphne and Delilah, was a gift for Isla.

You can tell she really likes it. She thinks Daphne tastes delicious!

The second, two Monster Chunks, were for my nephew Oscar. He really liked them.

In fact, he decided they were perfect for playing basketball.Now I have to make some Monster Chunks for my boys.

Well, that's all the Portland photos and fun. Hope you've enjoyed these four photo-filled posts!


bodoba said...

awww looks like they want another baby sibling. so cute!

sophanne said...

that last picture in the basketball net is a hoot!