Monday, June 29, 2009


Yes, that's my attempt to say bad words without saying bad words.

I finally got a chance to finish the last four rows of seed stitch on my sister's shrug tonight. I was so excited to finish it and try it on and see how it turned out.

How did it turn out? Not quite right.

You see, I messed with the pattern a little. My sister has a tall upper body. I was worried that the shrug would look overly cropped on her so I wanted to add a little extra length.

The way this shrug is constructed, you basically knit a bolero and then pick up stitches all the way around it. You then knit tons of ribbing that becomes the bottom of the back of the shrug and the neck of the shrug. You then knit seed stitch which becomes the very bottom of the back and the collar around the neck.

I added length in the ribbing. I followed the row count for the next size up to keep from going too crazy with my length and to keep proper proportions between the increases.

I don't like the extra length in the neck/collar. With my modifications, there is ribbing showing on the neck where it should just be seed stitch. The collar goes too far up the neck.


I'm going to have to rip back and get rid of the extra ribbing. I'm going to have to redo a good amount of ribbing (I think) and definitely all 22 rows of seed stitch (at around 300 stitches per row). That stinks! But not as bad as that extra ribbing going up the neck of this shrug. It must be fixed!

I'm off to pout and then to bed. The ripping will have to wait until tomorrow when I've thought out exactly how far back I have to go.


Yarnhog said...


Repeat after me: "I LIKE knitting. I LIKE knitting. I LIKE knitting."

Nicole B. said...

um, i think it looks good, but i realize that is probably not helpful for you at this point :)

blkdykegoddess said...

awww drats hon! i'm sorry. but for what it's worth i'm VERY impressed with what you've accomplished so far. i have knit envy :)


Lydee said...

:-( just think happy beachy thoughts.