Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Swim News

J is taking swim lessons at our neighborhood pool. The teacher is one of the moms in our neighborhood moms group and she is terrific! He's in a class with other 3 year-olds that meets for thirty minutes on M/W/F mornings for four weeks. This is our second week of classes and J is really starting to warm up to both swimming and swim classes. Some of the children in his class are way ahead of him in terms of both comfort in the water and skills, but he's growing and learning a lot.

Here's his first swim class:Yes, that's J hanging out in the corner by himself.

But here are some pictures from his class yesterday:

Looking cool with his new goggles.

With his classmates.

Doing "scooping arms."

Blowing bubbles.

In the pool with Ms. Abby.

He's still not too thrilled with doing things that are not with me, but we're getting there. That's just J. He's progressed a lot and we still have two more weeks to go! My main goal is for J to feel more confident in the water. I want him to be a good swimmer eventually, but for now I think he needs to be more comfortable and confident so he'll be ready to really try and learn to swim.

J just cracks me up. Just check out my little "swimmer."


Kate said...

My youngest (2 1/2) just pointed at the screen and said - hey, he's swimming!

Lydee said...

nice to not have to go in with him. our girls are in swimming lessons and we have to get in with them. Cold!