Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday: Celebration Edition

I got really good news today and so today's Top Ten Tuesday Topic is...

Top Ten Reasons Today is a Really Good Day
(nine little reasons and one very big one)

10. Both boys slept in this morning and woke up in a good mood.

9. We had a lovely thunderstorm this morning and Pepper only freaked out a little bit.

8. Now the sun is shining.

7. B is in town this week.

6. One of my boys is napping right now. (It should be two, but let's not focus on the negatives.)

5. Sophanne made me smile with her blog (as always).

4. My sister is making a really cool gift for my nephew's birthday and she's letting me be a part of it.

3. I found out that my good friend Nicole and her son are planning to come back to visit sometime soonish.

2. I had a wonderful lunch with a really good friend.

1. My cousin Christie found out today that she is officially in remission! Woohoo!


BettencourtFamily said...

What a great day you have had today!!! Wonderful news about your cousin!

Yarnhog said...

Oh, that's great news!

Jadielady said...

YAY! That is such great news!!!!

sophanne said...

Remission is a wonderful word. Glad to have made you smile!

Kate said...

Good news all around! What a wonderful day -

Nicole B. said...

SO exciting about christie! and yes, i can't wait to visit! will talk to my mom today about when she might want to come up.